Friday, July 25, 2008

Count me in.

"I got your picture
I'm coming with you
Dear 'Blank', count me in
There's a story at the bottom of this bottle
And I'm the pen"


Alan said...

I love this video and song :)
Who is the artist ???
please tell me fara

fara-supadaemon :) said...

Yooo Mr alan. Ahh.. You love the song. Mhmm same here.

Well.. Its by the all time low with the title dear maria, count me it.

Got it? ;)

im.iedot.neve.kedekot. said...

owh.. tot that backseat guy..

fara-supadaemon :) said...

Oww.. No No. Backseat goodbye he's chad Sugg. ANd he's the one man band.

And this all time low ada cute alex!!! Haha. the lead singer.

fara-supadaemon :) said...

(p/s: guys this song is actually about a stripper so... Haha)