Saturday, June 28, 2008

you are so talented , im in love!

Screaming your name on the microphone,
Going back home all alone
Listen to the tunes that you sent to me..
Listen to them good company
I want to show my mad love,
You have to know it's not enough
Come and complete me, stay here with me
This is all true, it's water I drink
I want you to show me how mad is your love
Come and attack me it's not gonna hurt
Fight me, deny me if I fear when you're close
Make me breakfast, I'll make it up

you are so talented , im in love!
Let's make love and listen death from above

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Ohh rambut kembang

Rambut sudah panjang,
Panjang tak berapa,
Rimas yang amat,
Hari-hari gila sangat!

Gambaran rambut adalah sebegini:

Bonne Nuit friends!

Monday, June 23, 2008


I have a hand, and you have another; put them together and we have each other.

Sunday, June 22, 2008

FB#2 Happy Birthday!

Today june 22, its the birthday of my crime partner. Well was a crime partner of mine. Its sad 'cause we are not talking nemore. After those wonderful 2 years. I miss my FB#2 so damn much. And FB#2 if you're reading this, HAPPY BIRTHDAY and let's make crime together again please!

FB#1 out!

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Juste pour rire avec Florence Foresti!

Hello friends!

Im facing some bad femotions lately , where i cant really express my feelings.  Sad and "crying" for no reason. Sheeshh.. And I've been watching a lot florence foresti video to entertain the femotion.And one word i can say about florence


Ohh yesss she is mad funny. But i wish i would understand all her talking because then it will be more mad funny :D

Well.. Thats all for now friends since im in the state of femotion. See you later friends and have a good weekend!

Au revoir!

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Love in a BOX!

Yes it is true. My loverS came all the way from CANADA a few days ago. I gave them the warmest welcome anybody could ever get! Yes im not lying. As a proof , here you go:

Haha. Okay, surprise surprise the lovers i meant was the TEGAN AND SARA merch that i ordered a few weeks ago! And guess what my mom told me that this gonna be my birthday present. And its an advance birthday gift. Ohh momma. This is such an amazing gift but you gave 'em to me just too darn early :'(

So wanna know whats really inside the LOVE box?

-tns black stainglass hoodie(watch real close you can see some names there)

-tns beigesketch shirt

-tns the con pins for beautification(thats what it says beautification ;b)

-my all time favorite the tns knit scarf <33
So.. yes now you know i am very obsessed. Once i like something i'll be very obsessed. And at times being obsessed is not very healthy. Why? Because let say you are addicted to a person. Imagine what would happen if that person is no longer there? I dont think i should discuss this. You yourself knows. 

So back to my case , addicted to the "tns" is not really a problem at all. Because they always there to satisfy my needs. Haha.And momma , thank you! The best advance birthday ever! And on the day itself i want a colorful cake please :) 

And thats all for now. I have to study for some test and i better get going and see you later friends!

au revoir!

My 1st ever attempt

Hello friends!

So finally i've made up my mind on having my own blog. I always have second thought every-time im trying to hit that "create-a-blog". Oh well, As some people might say, its better late than never.

So.. i'll try my best doing this as i used to talked with myself and not with you! And im in the state of changing. Sharing is caring. Right friends? :)

And i would like to thank those friends who inspired me with their witty writings. You know who you guys are.  :)

au revoir friends and i'll come back for more ! :)